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Renewable Energy

Our Systems are designed to work
with renewable energy technology

Thru-floor heating systems can be used in conjunction with many heat sources from conventional boilers through to heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

Carbon Compliance

The government has now committed to a target whereby all new homes must meet a zero carbon emission standard by 2016, this will be taken forward by new building regulations, led by the Code for Sustainable homes.

In effect all new homes will need to meet ‘high energy efficiency standards’ to reduce energy demand. Low carbon technologies can help you to reach this target by reducing the emissions associated with energy use.

Future technology

It is important that any heating system should be designed with future technology in mind. Designing and installing any heating system which depends on high water temperatures makes it very impractical to change in the future. A heat source such as heat pump or solar cylinder Is only more efficient when providing water at low temperatures. Which is why conventional radiators are set to become a thing of the past and underfloor heating is the future.

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