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Underfloor heating

In today’s high standard of building construction underfloor heating is the most modern and efficient way to heat your property.

"Choosing underfloor heating makes so much sense"

Energy Efficient

Underfloor Heating is the most energy efficient way of transferring heat into any room since it works by radiation. Operating temperatures are much lower than traditional heating methods which means much greater heating efficiency, saving you anything from 15%-40% on your running costs.

Unrivalled Comfort and flexibility

With multiple control options your comfort is achievable at the press of a button. Underfloor heating is invisible and being under the surface gives you complete flexibility in design layout with no radiators to limit interior designs and furniture arrangements.

Healthier environment

Radiant energy is emitted by the floor making it the warmest part of the room with the air cooling as it rises, with the coolest air at the ceiling and the warmest air at floor level where we want it to be. This radiation method creates fewer draughts and dust movements and explains why underfloor heating is considered the most comfortable and healthiest form of heating. Radiant heat reduces dust and humidity, easing allergy and irritation.

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