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Thru-floor service

The complete solution

At Thru-floor Ltd we cover the complete spectrum of disciplines required in floor construction. From initial conception through to the fully functioning floor. Together we will identify the ideal composition of base layers needed to provide you with the floor you want.

Screeded floor systems

Apart from providing a level surface for the final floor finish, a screed plays an important role of conducting the heat evenly across the surface of all floor areas maximising Kw outputs of heat. We offer traditional sand cement screed. Fast drying screed and free flowing and anhydrite screeds to suit each solid floor system.

Thru-Floor Screeded Floor Systems Graphic

Underfloor heating

Operating temperatures are much lower than traditional radiators, which means much greater heating efficiency reducing heating bills by up to 30%.

Thru-Floor Underfloor Heating Graphic


Up to 20% of heat loss occurs through your floor and insulation will help reduce your carbon footprint. Working with your architect or consultant we are able to determine the correct insulation then supply and install to meet building regulations.

Thru-Floor Insulation Graphic


The installation of acoustic and robust details are becoming common place and are being introduced more and more to meet ever changing building regulations. Thru-floor regularly install acoustic solutions to address the problem of noise pollution.

Thru-Floor Acoustics Graphic


At Thru-floor we apply a polythene separation membrane to prevent water ingress under your floor construction. If required we also apply a further visqeen barrier between the PIR insulation and floor screed to prevent chemical reaction between layers.

Thru-Floor Membrane Graphic


We use a low permeability gas membrane to provide a safe solution for the protection of buildings against radon, carbon dioxide and low levels of methane gas.

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